The Bunny Block

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On one of my favorite hunting properties we have an area we call the bunny block.

Not hard to guess why really as there is rabbits everywhere in this area and you can pick up a feed in no time at all of nice plump rabbits.

However over the last 18 months with the high rainfall we have had the grass has taken over these areas making it very hard to pick up any rabbits.

Usually a couple of hours and we have enough for what we want and sometimes the odd fox  also dispatched but the Spear grass has really taken over the area, throw in some Onion weed and we have a real challenge on our hands.

hunting P1030434 1 300x225 The Bunny Block


Our last outing only produce a few rabbits, as we really struggled with some of the tracks completely overgrown.

Will, my son, was disappointed as he really enjoys knocking off rabbits with myBrno.22; in fact I struggle to get a shot in when he’s on the rabbits.

Usually the plan is to do a run around the paddocks and pick up what we can; usually a couple dozen keepers are easily taken.

We then check out another area that has a few foxes lurking around and then return to Bunny block to pick up a few more.

Once these are all dressed out its time to head back to camp with a few more taken along the way.

hunting P1090223 1 300x225 The Bunny Block



I guess one day when all the feed has been eaten down by the stock we will be able to return to the numbers we previously would take.



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