The Big Dry?

Are we heading for a real hot and dry summer?

Has the last two years where above average wet seasons are coming to an end?

Seems that the country is drying out, and quickly.

I’ve noticed that the various places I visit and also talking to landowners that they need some rain as it’s staring to really dry out around SA!

While there is still good feed around, this won’t last unless it gets a good rain to keep it going.

I’ve also noticed that even a few waterholes on a property I recently visited when looking for game, have all but dried up or have been reduced to a few puddles.

One soak has all but gone, leaving the area more of a transient place for game.

Some waters won’t last much longer and obviously game animals will look for the alternative, making it a bit more of a challenge for us hunters to find them, especially in remote locations!

We are already getting the hot northerly winds, which really just dries things out further.

Hot and dry conditions, seems we are heading towards one of those summers!

The spring eailer in the year, plenty of water!


Current water hole, reduced to a few puddles!





3 thoughts on “The Big Dry?”

  1. Seems like it to this old fella !! We’re in the middle of another’green drought’ here in Central Victoria. Had a few good rains, but by my gauge we’re about 30-40% below average. Plenty of grass about, but it doesn’t penetrate more than about 1/4- 1/2″ (3-6 mil) and big trees are starting to tip over again……… Plus the rabbits and roos have bred up BIG TIME, just as they did some 10-12 years back….before the drought………that led up to Black Saturday.

    As the old fellas told me some 50 years back, “sonny boy, ya just gotta live long enough…’ll ALL repeat itself !! “

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