The $3 Shooting Rest!

Anyone who is a spotlighter knows how important a good vehicle rest is.

A steady platform is paramount for taking your shot without any movement.

I used a Big Iron shooting rest for about the last 10 years on my old Toyota Hilux.
I replaced the weak tie down strap with a decent ocky strap and this had served its purpose very well over the years.
Not only for spotlighting, but as a rest for any vehicle shooting during the day as well when a quick steady rest was required. The only downside to this was that the design had the mounts sitting in the window gutter and you risked scratching your glass if you wanted to wind up the window.
Anyhow, with the upgrade to my current vehicle, a 2008 Landcruiser ute, I went about checking to see how the Big Iron rest would sit and to my disappointment the shape of the Landscruiser door doesn’t allow the rest to fit. While I have made do with a towel sitting on the mirror, this was certainly not the most suitable system and was often was very awkward trying to get the rifle steady.
I decided I’d had enough and a new rest needed to be sourced.
Rather than try and modify the old rest, that would require a lot of work and with no real replacement available, I decided to go about and make my own.
A few scrap pieces of flat bar and a piece of pipe were found around the shed and I set about the design, nothing fancy but practical to boot.
A bit of cutting and welding and a couple of holes drilled it started to come together.
A cheap pool noodle, cut and fitted, some electrical tape at a few points to keep it all together and then the whole thing painted and bolted on, I now have a solid rest from my vehicle to shoot from.
I had everything in my shed and the only thing I had to buy was the $3 noodle!


2 thoughts on “The $3 Shooting Rest!”

  1. Nice one! Looks half decent too.
    I sometimes go around on tracks with my car (don’t own a ute at the mo.).
    Sometimes getting a rifle in & out of the window is a little dangerous -particulary when you want to take a quick shot.
    For safety sakes probably could make a rifle rack on the outside along the door next to the mirror? I know dust would / could be an issue but I clean the rifle anyway after an outing so no drama there.

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