Rainy day!


The second day of this trip was cool and we had got onto a few goats that morning.

That evening it was pretty cold and a nice warm fire was most welcome to sit around to at night and tell a few hunting yarns with your mates.


                                             A welcome sight at any camp!


Next day we awoke to a very overcast day and a few light showers, this wasn’t going to dampen our hunting for the day, or at least that’s what we hoped for.

Driving out from camp we had travelled about 5 kms when a small mob was spotted feeding just off the track in some scrub on the foot hills.

Pulling up we got out and started to stalk in on them from around 200m and dropped into a small creek and watched them for a while to see where they were heading.

As it would happen it started to lightly rain and we thought we would get in and see what we could get before it got to heavy.

Moving off they were unaware of our presence as the gap closed to around 60m and got into the mob.

There were seven all up with a couple of nice billies taken and a few small ones for meat.

                              Decent billy out of the mob of seven taken during a light shower.


A good little hunt to start the morning off but that’s pretty well where it ended as a big storm could be seen coming in from the west.

We decided to head back to camp and wait for it to then pass over and hopefully not dump to much rain in the area.

Well when it hit it came down pretty well, we had rain for nearly two hours with some big showers passing through and estimated around an inch at least in this time.

Well that put a real dampener on the hunting side of things and we finished the day in camp.

Next day with a good breeze from the west and some sunlight it dried out enough for us to get out for the trip home with a few slippery areas to deal with but we made it out fine!


                                       Water from the down pour running through camp!




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  1. Luckily, I’ve avoided rain soaked campsites for some decades. I can handle some weather but not the downpour you describe.

    At least you got something for your efforts.

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