Rabbit stew?

 Rabbits would be pretty well where everyone’s hunting career started.

Small game animal in vast abundance many years ago.

I remember as a 5 year old heading out with my dad, uncle and cousin, setting traps and popping off a few with the old Lithgow .22 single shot.

You would be virtually tripping over them as well walked up to check the trap.

A few years later and I was setting traps out on my own.

I would also set a few near home, a 10 minute push bike ride had me set out after school to set my traps.

I’d load up the basket on the front of mum’s bike (mine didn’t have one) and away I’d go, then the next morning she would drive me to see how I’d done.

Most times I’d get two or three from my 5-6 traps I use to set, all dressed and in the fridge before school!

Dad would also be keen to know how I had got on, always offering a tip or two as he had done his fair share of trapping and shooting over the years.

 Not a great number but enough for a good feed and mum’s rabbit stew!




Rabbits still provide some good shooting as well as a feed!

3 thoughts on “Rabbit stew?”

  1. I’m new to shooting in Australia. I grew up hunting big game in USA and Canada. I need information where to hunt rabbits and fox in Newcastle and MAitland areas.

    Bruce Ramey

  2. G’day Bruce,
    Good luck with your search as it is very hard to gain access to private property in this day and age.
    My suggestion would be to look into the hunting liscence scheme through the game council of nsw as this will give you access to a lot of public land with in a couple of hour drive of where you are. My son and I are about to go through the same process if i can get a break from work.Let me know how you get on.


    Tony Smith

  3. Phil – sounds like you had a similar childhood as I did growing up on a farm, trapping and shooting rabbits from a young age. The great thing is that 50 yeas later I’m still out shooting rabbits with the same 22 rimfire rifle that we used in the 1960’s. Unfortunately the old steel jawed Lanes Ace traps are now banned from being used and I never had the same success rate with the newer “humane” wire netting swing door style of rabbit trap. My good wife makes the best rabbit stew in the slow cooker these days, she even gets out occasionally to pop a bunny or two herself. Funny how when you used to go trapping rabbits on a pushbike there was always a head wind coming home!

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