Placing your shots!

Apart from all other aspects of hunting and shooting, placing your shot is critical in the taking of your game cleanly.

A little to high or to low, to far back can make the difference.

Even with the non ideal bullet, place the shot right and you can be confident in taking the animal, or so you would think.

Last week I witnessed my mate shoot a large bodied billy and take a solid hit to the shoulder with a 130gn bullet from his .270 at around 50m.

We were both stunned, as normally it would enter, break the shoulder and then tear away at the organs of the chest cavity!

I snapped off a shot with the 25/06, hitting him a bit far back, enough to slow him down but he still pushed on until I tracked him into a creek.

We were both surprised at the endurance of how he continued on with these shots.

I guess while you can be confident with your placement, don’t assume that it is going kill the animal outright every time!

On the other side of this, a billy running away from me, a shot on the run at about 120m, I let the shot off, aiming between his shoulder blades as he made off down the side of a hill.

Using some 100gn sp, not my normal load of a 87gn hp, I was confident in the shot, but knew it had to be spot on.

The shot rang out and he dropped, virtually bulldozing into the ground.

I had taken him slightly to the left but the bullet had entered and done the damage, not ideal but it worked.

Looking at the two and comparing can show how things can not be as they should sometimes!



A solid billy taken with the Howa on the run.

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