Para Park Cooperative – Sunday Island

Sunday Island is a wonderful place. I have been a member for a number of years and have experienced some great hunting. The Island covers an area of some 1620 hectares and is situated approximately 215 kilometres South East of Melbourne. The Island is home to a thriving population of Hog deer. Thanks to the efforts of the owners of the Island, Para Park Cooperative.

This is a not for profit organisation, who’s members are interested in and dedicated to, hunting based conservation. Membership of Para Park provides a lot of benefits. Including, Hunting for both Hog deer and Fallow deer and the opportunity to become involved in hands on hunting bases conservation projects.

Members can have their own accommodation on the island and there is plenty to see and do other than hunting. Such as fishing, bush walking, bird watching etc. It’s a great place for the kids.

Para Park Co-operative has for several years, conducted a balloted Junior Hunter Program. That is open to the public. This initiative of Para Park was set up to enable junior hunters aged 15 to 17 years to experience the benefits of a game management program. A number of young boys and girls each year benefit from this program.

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Hunters with some trophy class Hog deer, at the official checking station and meat house on Sunday Island,  after a successful day in the field last season. This is where good game management pays off.

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  1. was just wondering what lodge played a part in your island cause i was thinking of joining

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