Last light at the Dam!

Approaching the dam I could make out a mob of goats feeding some 500m from our position.

My hunting mate had a bit of trouble picking them up, but I assured him that there was a decent mob there.

Moving in from the vehicle we made use of the cover, although not a lot we still done well in closing the gap to around 80m.

I suggested he move to where there were a few white and lighter couloured goats to make it easier for him to pick them up in the low light.

My task was a bit more of a challenge, with the better eyes I had a few motley colored goats out to my right.

The plan was to make it to a small patch of Mallee and take up our positions.

Once we were set I gave the nod and waited for him to let of a shot as I sat the crosshairs on the largest billy.

The boom form his .243 dropped the large white billy he had picked out while I let off a shot from my 308 to down a motley haired goat.

The mob didn’t know what the hell was happening and this gave us the advantage to take another goat each.

Unfortunately my mate couldn’t pick any others up for a clear shoot but I had a few still inform of me and a couple more shots in succession had two more down.

Another was breaking for cover and the 150gn hit hard with a solid wallop and he crumbled to the ground.

All up we did well, with the light fading fast, a good hunt at the dam to finish the day off!



Long haired billy taken on last light!

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