SHOT Expo 2012 Videos: Tactical Solutions Australia – TANNERITE in Australia.

Tactical Solutions Australia have managed to pull off the impossible: Convince Australian Customs to allow Tannerite into the country. A common sense decision and one that means a lot of fun for us:

Tannerite is a binary exploding rifle target system for use with high velocity rifle cartridges, 22lr and handgun cartridges will not set it off.

This is a huge win for us in Australia and I can’t wait to review some.

Here’s Matt from Tactical Solutions Australia:


11 thoughts on “SHOT Expo 2012 Videos: Tactical Solutions Australia – TANNERITE in Australia.”

  1. The eventually inevitable misuse of this product will be a major step backwards for the credibility of the Australian shooting fraternity. You just don’t need to be nostradamus to predict this one happening. The obviously government condoned marketing of this stuff is a “fox bait” from the control freaks to put yet another nail in our firearm owning coffins.
    They know some idiot will fuck up badly with this legal product.

  2. Hi Brad,

    I don’t think you are right, I think that anything that needs a high velocity projectile to hit it makes it a hard product to abuse.
    If you can’t detonate it in any other manner then the only way it will be misused is by someone who would misuse a firearm which would be enough on its own to do damage to our “image”.

    Besides that, I’m a law abiding, responsible shooter who likes to have fun with my shooting, I’m not going to not have fun using something like tannerite or shooting in general because a few chicken littles in our fraternity deem something uncouth.

  3. From what I saw and heard form Matt at the show, this product is extremely safe! It will only “do it’s thing” when hit by something that is supersonic!

    Matt also mentioned that the “smoke” you see when the tannerite goes off is actually water vapour!

    If anyone is unsure they should do some research on the product before forming an opinion.

    Very cool stuff. I’m looking forward to reviewing some it.

  4. I would have really liked it if this video/article actually had some footage of what it does. Or is that on the seller’s website?
    Obviously the shockwave must be supersonic to cause a destabilisation of the compound. I don’t believe that there would be an explosive effect however i’d certainly believe that the compound undergoes rapid decomposition or change when hit with a supersonic pressure wave.
    Sounds quite cool.

  5. Hi Matt,

    I would have liked to include it as well but it was an interview at the SHOT Expo so it wasn’t going to happen.

    Rest Assured though as soon as they restock we will be reviewing it with plenty of footage.

    Search YouTube and Wikipedia for more info.

  6. Youtube has 1000’s of videos of this product and the result of hitting it with a projectile.

  7. Hey

    im shocked that they would let this product into australia!
    Where can you get it from and or is it available yet?

    Cheers Chris

  8. So i figure this product has been banned. cant find its parent website and un able to find any one who sells it in australia. would have been fun

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