Max Farrelly Takes Us Fox Trapping (video)

The first time I heard Max Farrelly ‘s name was when he became a fan of on our Facebook page. He often posts pictures on his successful fox hunts with his kids who are shaping up to be great fox hunters themselves. Max even won The Simpson Sports photo competition earlier on in the year.

So when I heard that Max has started to make fox hunting videos I couldn’t get on youtube fast enough to check it out.

So here it is:

Max Farrelly’s Fox Trapping:

4 thoughts on “Max Farrelly Takes Us Fox Trapping (video)”

  1. Hi max and boys love your videos.Was just wondering if you have a girlfriend?If so she must be really easy going about you going off hunting all the time. Never see her in any of your movies lol.Anyway keep up the good work and safe hunting

  2. Lucky escape i have got a exit wife and a girlfriend but she know I love hunting so she lets me loose I like to get out allot and love making hunting video’s if you want to look at some more of my hunting video go to my u-tube channel trickybricky64 hope you like them.

  3. Thats a shame was just wondering because I think your really hot. Let me know if ever your available maybe we could hook up xxx Chrissie

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