If You Could Would You Buy an AR-15 Rifle?

I would, but would you? AR15’s are huge Stateside right now, you can get so many different variants in different cartridges its not funny. If in Australia you could own one legally would you have one? If so why? If not why?

I think it would be great to own one it would be so much fun! I’d love to own a heavy barrelled varmint version in .223 or 204 ruger. It would be huge amounts of fun. Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be getting one of these puppies shortly:


The above rifle is an Remington R-15 VTR and comes chambered in 223rem. It has a 24 inch heavy barrel. Imagine how much fun one of these would be sitting over a big rabbit warren system?

12 thoughts on “If You Could Would You Buy an AR-15 Rifle?”

  1. absolutely no questions I would love to be able to own a Ruger SR556

    I like the idea of being able to customise the rifle very quickly, and with out having to send it to a gun smith for most things

    the lack of recoil that these modern sporting rifles offer

    not only would I use it for hunting I would use it in competitions like 3 Gun events and Combined services

  2. well i cant see why we cant have one i mean you can probly get one with a cat D or C most likely D due to magazine sieze and as long as it doesnt have one of those tactical jobs for a stock and that it is legal just have to go to a gun shop and get an offitial opinion

  3. Bloody oath I would……i’ll take a LWRC SPR, a H&K 416 and a…………..etc.
    I’d need a new gun safe that’s for sure.

  4. I’d love to have the option to purchase an AR type rifle.

    Just because they visually look like a military firearm doesn’t mean they are any less capable of being used for legitimate purposes.

    Looking ‘cool’ (or similar adjective) doesn’t make a firearm any more dangerous than an ‘ugly’ or ‘plain’ firearm. So what is the problem with an AR?

  5. Definitely, no1 there are definitely legitimate reason one would have to want to own one of these, and no2 i have to say the kid inside me also does enjoy the idea of owning a semi/auto rifle.

    If it wasnt for that horrendous massacre in 96 we would be able to own ar15s in Australia. considering how many idiots there are in america who can own one of these, i don’t see why Australians shouldn’t have that option, just because some stupid idiot was dumb enough to sell a semi-auto rifle to an unlicenses and mentally unstable person.

  6. hi all used to be an armourer in the navy & army. I was also a post 1939 collector. I have (in the past) owned many ar15s m16s ak47s (I built one in the early 90s (till martin bryant went nuts at port arthur) also owned bren, browing 1919a4,ruger ac556 all full auto. also built m2 carbine from parts. I have serviced many m16s and found that after many rounds the cast aluminium holes do flog out a bit and seen the hinge pin fall out while in use. With my limited experience (became a navy weapons mechanic 1975) I would choose a .223 galil (australia came very close to adopting this fine weapon. I am sorry that we cannot own these types of firearms but that was a knee jerk reaction by a real jerk john howard. anyway cheers all

  7. used one both professionally and socially until they were taken from us in ’96 in the name of public safety (public safety my arse). When you hunt packs of pigs, goats, dogs, you name it, it’s to rid the bush of these destructive ferals. Not having access to one any more to hunt means a lot of them escape. I hate Howard for the lies he told the public about why “he” wanted them banned. It was all about a political agenda forced into the states by the threat of withholding federal money… true democracy at work! Damn you Howard.

  8. Owning a semi auto would be a god sent especially for fast follow shots for rabits foxes ect…but because of Australia’s shithouse gun laws the best we can do is a Remington 7615 which is great but the AR type rifles are just a cut above the rest bring back semi auto. I think Howard needs a punch to the face too for pulling that crap in 96

  9. Personally, I would absolutely own an AR15 rifle – they’re very accurate, have great options for customisation and are all round great rifles. Having just come back from a holiday in Hawaii I had the chance to play with a .223 version kitted out with genuine M-16 parts (except fire selector obviously) on the range and they are hand down one of the smoothest guns around. For those who don’t know, the M-16 is just the military designation (and fully-auto version) of the AR15 developed initially by Armalite.

    Professionally, in response to ScottW’s comment above, semi-automatic rifles (self-loading centrefire rifles, anything with a magazine of more than 10 rounds and automatic shotguns too) weren’t banned here because they look like military rifles. They were banned by the Australian government in a knee-jerk reaction to the 1996 Port Arthur Massacre, in which 35 people were killed and another 21 wounded, primarily with an AR15 rifle. The issue is that in this particular incident, arguably the worst in recent history across the globe, the majority of the casulaties (12 dead and 10 wounded) took place over a 15 SECOND time frame in a busy cafe with a single magazine of 30 rounds. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Port_Arthur_massacre_(Australia))

    Whilst I certainly agree that this should never occur again, the legislation that followed here in Australia was borderline ridiculous, with almost no conclusive evidence that it made much of a difference, bar to that of gun-related suicides. Further, it was later determined that the offender in the case of the Port Arthur massacre that the weapon was obtained without the appropriate licence and that the offender had mental health concerns. Perhaps a fairer motion would have been to develop a co-regulating body for semi-automatic weapons to ensure the screening and compliance process could effectively stop this from happening again!!!

  10. Sadly they made it illegal to have Semi Autos. NZ didn’t and they have had no massacres so the argument that the ban stopped massacres is false. Gun crimes were on a downwards trend. That said we have a lot of drive by shootings now that we never had before the gun restrictions came in. Back to the main question. I think I would buy a Semi Auto if I could but most likely something in more of a sportier style. That said the AR has a lot going for it and it would be nice to get to know Eugene’s masterpiece. Personal taste I guess.

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