Harmless Hunting? Introducing the Kill Shot Rifle Camera.

There are moves afoot by a three American brothers to create a rifle that will never kill a thing.

Basically the Killshot is a trigger activated camera in the shape of a scoped rifle that is designed so you don’t have to kill the game you are hunting.

From the Inventors:

The invention is a replica hunting rifle that is actually a digital camera capable of taking still shots and video.  The rifle scope with crosshairs serves as the camera lens which is able to zoom in on intended subject and date/time stamp the shot.  The object of the invention is to allow for simulation of game hunting and provide for documentation of the hunt by photo or video.

I don’t see a huge potential for this device in Australia, for starters, good luck being able to buy one of these here without some kind of permit. Then you have other issues like who the hell wants to go hunting with a toy gun that will take inferior photographs or video footage?

If I want to take photos or videos of wildlife I am going to use a quality dSLR or camcorder and not a toy. Not to mention it looks like total crap.

I really doubt that anyone would have a desire to use this for its intended purpose. Hunters are going to want to actually hunt with real firearms and non-hunters aren’t going to have the desire to hunt and if they want to take images of wildlife they would simply use a quality camera not a toy.

The only real purpose I could see for this is to train people in firearm safety but again you could use a real bolt action rifle with the bolt removed which would still be far more effective.

I am interested in your thoughts but to me a camera in the shape of the a rifle is not going to put meat on the table now is it?

9 thoughts on “Harmless Hunting? Introducing the Kill Shot Rifle Camera.”

  1. I can see certain groups loving this, as the argument will be ‘well if its all about the hunt then this is the answer’.
    Of course needless to say such a device removes ballistics, windage, bla bla bla from the equasion. So it doesn’t mean you would have actually made your mark. In fact a device that could be so sophisticated to take in all those factors would be pretty cool, however it doesn’t exist.
    And can someone tell me how it will taste?

  2. This thing will never be legal in Australia, it resembles a real firearm too much and doesn’t have anything to identify it as inert (eg. Red capped barrels on toy guns).

  3. FYI.
    In Victoria, you require a pistol licence for a ‘starter’ pistol.
    There are some consessions for dog training, however you still need a pistol licence by law.

  4. If this is imported to Australia it will have an urban camoflauge pattern in bright orange and grey along with 1/2″ of tip of barrel painted orange and the magazine area painted orange. This should be enough to qualify as a novelty and not cross the assault rifle looking laws.
    This can be used for target practice for shooting in general or even long range shooting. Trigger control and breathing techniques can be mastered. Plus, with the rising cost of ammuntition, this will be a benefit to your wallet. You don’t have to go to a range with this rifle to practice shooting or technique.
    This is a product that experienced hunters who like to harvest, hunters that do not want to harvest, novice hunters and people looking to get into a new sport can use. People who do not get to experience an actual hunt because they do not like the “kill” can experience the thrill of a real hunt and come away with a satisfying KillShot photo. My wife for example loves to hunt with me, but is not into the kill of the sport. She would like nothing more than to be in a stand or a blind, have a monster buck walk by, snap a killshot and brag about what she saw and I didn’t. Trust me, I would never hear the end of it!.
    For avid hunters like myself who harvest game animals using ballistics or archery methods, we will be able to document the KillShot with the digital camera scope attached to our hunting rifleor crossbow. The technology is in the digital rifle scope and has the ability to attach and detach to any hunting rifle. Picture quality is a minimum of 8 megapixels which is considered they quality of a 8X10 35mm photo!
    Another great benefit is for children not old enough to legally hunt. Now they can join in on the hunt, pick their spot in the woods and have a chance to snap a “KillShot” that will create a memory for their lifetime! Getting a child outdoors to experience what we experience, share with them our own passions, teach them the values, ethics, and gun safety in a safe setting is priceless.
    Another awesome use will be for Digital Warfare games. With being able to connect to the scope via cell phone, you can form clans and pit battles against each other in urban or woodland environments. The digital picture will be transmitted to all other players showing the KillShot and effectively eliminating that player from the game. This is much safer then games like paintball or airsoft where actual projectiles are fired. You won’t have to wear eye and body protection.
    And yet another benefit. Law Enforcement can use this product to train in safe conditions in scenarios where a sniper is needed. Departments will save alot of money investing in very expensive technology that only allows them to simulate on a screen. “KillShot” allows you to create situations being a real life experience with more action and interuptions to deal with. It is easy to throw rounds down range. Being able to create these scenarios and train effectively is a one of a kind training that you will not learn on a firing range. I found how you can pledge to get one for $150us! pledge for it! I did!

  5. JBT you make many valid points. I’m still not sure how the authorities will view these and, to a large extent, it will depend on how it’s to be marketed.

  6. you’d need a license to own one of these here as it’d be classed as a replica firearm, plus I hunt to rid the bush of ferals!

  7. I think JBT must have shares in the company that produces this. I don’t think it will be near as popular as he makes out. I think if people want to video an animal they will do it with a good camera. I think anyone with any sense will realise that a “kill shot” with one of these would be anything but that, because there is no actual ballistics involved. A waste of time and money I say. But it is probably the future in a complete Australian police state where we are allowed to hunt the bush with flouro coloured camera rifles; although the will probably make a law that they are not allowed to look like rifles any more because that harks back to the bad old days of killing with firearms. So they will just be cameras, so in the end we will all be told to hunt with Canons the digital type, and these forums will be about lenses and apertures rather than ballistics, barrels and actions. Welcome to the brave new world!!!

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