Guess the Gun #1

| February 1, 2012 | 7 Comments

So What type of gun is this?

hunting 20120201 183956 Guess the Gun #1

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  1. Joe Morrissey says:

    CZ 452 .22LR with a Leupold VX I 3-9X40?

  2. Trav says:

    Brno model ZKM 452 Deluxe

  3. Kit says:

    CZ .177 bolt action.

  4. Jason Lownds says:

    Ruger No1 in 458Lott?

  5. Shane says:

    BRNO (CZ) Model 2, .22lr

  6. Longhunter says:

    Brno Model 2…….no idea on the scope………best rimfire ever made

  7. Woodrow-06 says:

    BRNO Model 2, not a newer 455 from the shape of the loading-ejection port, could be either 22LR or 17HMR from the size of the port. Then again, wodda-whyno?

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