Get A Browning A-Bolt for a Great Price.

Winchester Australia is running another special on Browning A-Bolt rifles.

They have some really good prices:

A-Bolt Hunter (pictured) RRP: $920

A-Bolt Composite Stalker RRP: $880

A-Bolt Stainless Stalker RRP: $1040


Press Release


Browning A-Bolt rifles are back at 2011 prices for 2012 on a special build commissioned by
Winchester Australia. Due to the success of the 2011 program it is advised shooters place their
orders early with their dealer to avoid disappointment. Once again the Hunter, Composite Stalker
and Stainless Stalker models will be offered at $920, $880 and $1,040 respectively.

Why A-Bolt?

Browning A-Bolt’s are built on three actions, Super Short, Short and Long. This bespoke philosophy
means the rifle is built around a particular calibre from the beginning unlike competitor products
such as Tikka which are all built on the same action length.

A short sixty-degree bolt lift with 3 locking lugs and tang safety means quicker firing and more
strength and security than the competition. Finally, the drop floor plate with detachable magazine
means you can breech load or load normally whilst securing your magazine allowing shooters the best
of both worlds.

To get recommended retail prices and model/cartridge availability visit the following link:

One thought on “Get A Browning A-Bolt for a Great Price.”

  1. That’s a good deal. Glad to see Winchester doing this.

    I also noticed some of their dealers are dipping below these prices by about $50. That’s an even better deal!

    Of course, the shops will invariably get that fifty bucks back out of you in accessories, scopes, ammmo etc before you even leave the store…but then you needed them anyhow :)

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