Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire (US Documentary).

Here’s an interesting trailer for a documentary on how the USA’s gun rights are being assaulted by California. It is a kickstarter project where people who like the project can fund it. They need to raise $65000 to make it by October 5th 2012.

It looks like it will be a well made documentary and probably have many lessons for us Aussies contained within it. Visit here for more info:

One thought on “Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire (US Documentary).”

  1. Interesting. Knowing it’s the desire of various organisations around to disarm the public, it wouldn’t surprise me to find that California will a proving ground for the removal of firearms from all US citizens. While some cite the US situation as a good firearms model there are others who use it as an example of why we should have gun control. The fact is that the US has some great gun laws and gun use supporters but it’s not a utopia. Having said that it’s worth stating that while some cry for gun control based in the US situation, it’s actually unlawfully owned firearms that are responsible for most of the crime there and without the rights of the law abiding to not only own but use forearms to protect themselves there would be 1000’s of innocent victims of armed crime.

    We are heading down a similar path to the US in that we are seeing an huge increase in weapons being carried and used by criminals the problem is we are going to suffer many more victims as we don’t have the rights to protect ourselves and lets be honest the countries law enforcement organisations can’t protect us either!

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