First Donkey!

This was the second day of our hunt and late in the day we were looking for a camp spot to settle in for the night.

Game had been pretty scarce for the day with only one camel sighted, not to worry as that’s hunting.

Pulling up we found a nice spot along the river with shady trees and good cover for the night, perfect spot really.

Getting out we had a look around and this would be fine for a fire and started to collect some wood when Shane came over and said there were a few donkeys feeding along the river bed.


Grabbing our rifles and moving over we could make them out in the creek behind some of the shrubs.

I was keen to bag my first ever donkey as I had never encountered them before out bush where as Shane had hunted the a few times over the years.

I was using my Winchester mod 70 in 338 Win Mag and 250gn Nosler partitions, a bit hard for donkeys but they do the job while Shane had his Ruger in 338 Win Mag using 200gn Speers.

The donkeys had no idea we were there until we came out form he cover and Shane lined up the first Donkey and let off a shot.


They all took off and I had a running shot on the next one in line as they both stumbled around before we both out second shots into them to put them down for keeps.

The third donkey must have though he had got away but we both sent off a shot each collecting him at around 150m and he only managed a few more steps before collapsing to the ground.

I was pretty happy as I had scored my first ever donkey and it was congratulations all round.

That night we sat around the campfire and were happy about the results and although game were light on for the second  day, the night seem to go pretty quick and tomorrow was another day!

5 thoughts on “First Donkey!”

  1. Blimey Phil you’re using a real cannon now – the old faithful 308 will handle donkeys quite easily. Is she gathering cobwebs now?

  2. 30/30 Man, we were hunting camels on this trip, donkeys were a bonus and we had the 338’s on hand and ready to go.
    Its not collecting cobwebs as I sometines use it on a goats when I feel like it and I have hunted donkeys with the 308 as well!

    I actually love the 338WM and would use it more as its a great cartridge IMO!

    Scott, its what you make of it mate!

  3. No worries Phil – I’ve rolled plenty of camels and donkeys with my 308, I have to admit that I love the 375 H&H as well!

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