Field dressing kit!

The subject of what do you carry in for field kit can vary between hunters.

I like to keep mine practical and have the right tools that do the job quickly and efficiently.

My kit comprises of a skinning knife, boning knife, small boning knife and steel a few meat hooks and a couple of meat bags and I’m done.

This all packs up neatly in my day pack and is easy to access.

Once I have my animal on the deck, I just open up the knife roll and I have a selection of knives at my disposal.

Looking at my kit, the skinning knife allows me to skin small goats to large fallow deer without any fuss at all and the 6 inch blade makes skinning pretty easy with this knife.

Next is my boning knife, a 5 inch blade makes boning out and taking cuts from the animal with ease. Although not as flexible as some of my 6 inch boning knives, I’ve found this one enough to break down a carcass to my needs when out in the field.

The smaller boning knife with the 4 inch blade is ideal for dressing rabbits. It’s nice and light and is easy to use, in fact I have several of these that I use when in the ute when out spotlighting and have yet to find a knife to better it.

This knife is great on kid goats where they can be a bit fiddly when dressing out.

I have 4 meat hooks in my pack; generally I find this is enough for out in the field as Im also watching the weight in my pack.

Meat bags are invaluable; they allow you to cool the meat and keep it clean and also keep the flies off it. Generally I carry 4 and this is ample for any meat I harvest while out in the field.

I should note that I do use gambrels, but again these add weight and I usually keep these for any dressing near the vehicle, where as out in the field I can generally get away with using meat hooks.

Some samll lenghts of rope ot twine are also handy to tie around the ends of the bags  if you want to hang them from a tree of for tying to your pack.

So that’s my setup and it serves me well when Im out in the field!


Field dressing kit ready to go, knife roll and selection of knives, steel, meat hooks and cloth bags!



3 thoughts on “Field dressing kit!”

  1. These look like the hard wearing practical knives found on most farms used to butcher ration sheep. I have the yellow handled SWIBO and its an excellent butchering knife. Another useful addition is the orange handled stainless shears which were stocked by Bunnings – handy for snipping off rabbits legs and heads when field dressing.

  2. I agree thats a good kit but i think the shears are a bit of an over kill. I use the SWIBO knives and they are excellent and will do the legs and heads of most game especially small stuff no problems

  3. I dont think you need that big skinner and that steel looks a bit rough, I reckon it would take the edge off your knife in no time,,, all in all,, pretty good, Normie, Roma, SW Qld.

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