Eye’s all round!

Pulling up we knew the mob of goats we had spotted earlier would be too far away.

We made sure we were slow to get out and get our gear ready.

As Will, my son, moved around towards me I spotted goats moving through the scrub some 50m away.

I told him we needed to move slowly and crouched down in from of the ute and slowly shuffled towards some gum trees a few meters away.

Watching a few goats move closer, I let him know that we had a few coming up to the side of us as well.

They were getting closer, with one nanny and a couple of kids getting to within 15m from our position.

She wasn’t alarmed but was constantly looking around, feeding for 20 seconds or so then doing another look around.

I explained to him that you need to be watching all around with large mobs like this as they like to spread out when browsing and be aware of eye’s all around.

While this was happening more goats were moving thought the area, at one stage I counted around 20 odd, only some 30m from where we were positioned.

Back to the nanny, she started to get a bit edgy, with us remaining still, she moved back to the main mob and continued on feeding.

I thought she was going to blow our presence and alert the rest of the mob, but it wasn’t to be.

A billy then moved towards us, looking directly at us, not moving he then went back to browsing and checking out the nannies in the m ob.

After about ten minutes and no decent billies were sighted, the tail end of the mob passed us, we then decided to move around to the opposite side of the ute and into some light scrub.

What we saw was that it was only the edge of the large mob of around 80 odd goats that had passed us.

Will couldn’t believe how many goats there were and pretty well spread out over a few hundred meters.

We stalked to within another few goats and then made our way back to the ute.

Once we started the vehicle they soon made for the nearby hills.

Not a shot fired, but a great experience for Will in any case.


                                                      Getting in close to goats!



                                         Part of the large mob heading towards the hills.                       



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