Enjoy the outdoors.

While on hunting trips, I think of it as an adventure each time I head out.

Sure, you’re out hunting but there is always plenty to see. Enjoying what other animals are about cam make the trip even more enjoyable.

We often come across different animals, sometimes even the odd snake (although we try to avoid them), but either way it’s a talking point.

Some places seem to have different animals to others. One place we hunt has plenty of emu’s around, often seen in mobs of 8-15 on a regular basis, usually half grown but still something to see and a part of being out in the bush.

Another place has a lot of goannas; we often see these, especially in the warmer months when they are most active.

Some areas have lots of different birds and also lots of bats that seem to always be heard around our camp at night.

Seeing all these animals and then taking pictures of them reminds us how lucky we are to have and actually see these different animals and birds while out enjoying the outdoors!









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  1. Phil – nice story, your pics remind me of once when I was rabbit hunting an echidna strolled up and sniffed my boots! I like to use trail cameras to capture the antics of shy native wildlife in the bush, its a fascinating form of photography.

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