Day in the field!

The day had been pretty eventful with plenty of goats sighted throughout the area.

We had secured some solid billies and had also taken smaller goats for meat.

Approaching one of the tanks we decided to stop back 500m and walk in along a small ridge to see if we could pick up any in the area.

We managed to find a couple of small mobs with nothing really worth taking so we followed the ridge down to the tank.

It was nearing lunch time so Will decided he would sit at the tank while I would walk back and pick up the ute.

Making my way off I went around he ridge rather than back over and as I came around a small hill and was nearing the ute I spotted a mob feeding only a 100m or so form the ute.

I stood and watched them, as they were oblivious to my presence as they fed in the area moving slowly to the ridge.

I couldn’t see any worth taking and thought what a good photo opportunity, goats between me and the ute!

I started walking again and another nanny from behind a small shrub alerted the rest of the mob and off they went.

Back at the ute I started to drive down to where Will was and sighted a mob heading into him until they spooked from the vehicle.

When I got to him he said he had seen them come out of the scrub and head towards him and it was good to just watch them.

Another great day in the field!


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