Cooking in the bush!

A great enjoyment, apart from hunting of course is cooking out in the scrub.

While some find this as a chore (I do to sometimes), having a great feed at the end of the day is something to look forward to.

Most times its steak and bangers on the menu for me, usually with some rice or noodles.

I also like the odd camp oven meal, time permitting of course and these meals are some of the best tasting food anyone could wish for.(I won’t go into this as its deserves an article on its own!)

Most times it’s either on the cooker in frying pans or probably my favourite, on the hot plate over some coals.

I have two hot plates, one is a full plate while the other is half plate and half grate.

I use the half and half most of the time, as its easy to store with its screw in legs, good for uneven ground as they are obviously adjustable.

I can cook a good meal for two on the plate no worries and use the grate for putting a frypan or two on for any extras, or boiling the billy or the yabby pot.

Once finished I scrape it clean, take it from the off the coals and its all done.

The food cooked on a plate over the fire just adds that extra element in enjoying the outdoors!

The other benefit of course is you already have for fire going to sit back and enjoy the rest of the night!

If you haven’t got a hot plate I’d suggest you get one and start cooking, you won’t be disappointed.



One thought on “Cooking in the bush!”

  1. A friend has a great BBQ based on a variation of this one. His is based on a grill and plate taken from your average gas BBQ. Then using some angle iron as rails, mounted it all on a framework that can be easily disassembled.

    It’s larger than yours and not suited to back packing but, it’ll feed 4-5 hunters without problem. I’ll dig up a picture of it and post it to ausvarmint.

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