Bush camp!

Heading out into the scrub and having a good camp setup can make a good trip even better, especially after a hard day in the field!

I had a hunting trip where my mate just had his swag on the ground, I had mine on my stretcher with a tarp strung over it.

Well a big thunder storm came through and dumped around an inch of rain in about half an hour, if his swag wasn’t tied to the fence it would have washed away.

My swag was nice and dry, while his was a little damp from the downpour.

It doesn’t take much to set up a good camp, pretty well a tarp strung  to a couple of trees, a camp stretcher for your swag, keeps your off the damp ground and is also cooler in the summer, a folding table and chair, esky of fridge, some cooking gear and tucker box.

I use a stretcher now days, I like to be off the ground (Im also getting older so I like a bit more comfort) and I find I sleep a lot better as well since I started to use one!

This is pretty well the basic setup I use in both summer and winter, I’ve found it to work well, is easy to set up and is practical.

One ting is to buy a good tarp as the main shelter and then you can have a few cheap ones if you need to add to the sides for extra protection from the elements or even use as a ground sheet, they are inexpensive and I also carry a couple spares in the ute box.

I also have a few poles to use if needed, this helps to open up one end and also raise the height of the tarp if needed.

At the end of the day a comfy camp to sit back and relax in  is well worth the little effort it takes to make it.



3 thoughts on “Bush camp!”

  1. yup !

    my days of sleeping on the ground are long gone!! I do the same, swag on an ‘extra large’ camp stretcher…………or alternatively inside my Oztent, which takes all of 2 minutes to erect with side awnings as well………….

    A mans gotta have a bit of ‘comfort’ in his dotage :)

  2. It all depends on the conditions where I’m camping but I still use a swag. Tarps are very handy and a must have, even the cheap nasty ones should last a camping trip and cost little to replace.

    As for camp stretchers. I inherited 3 new stretchers and, use them (well one anyway) for some short trips.

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