Be Seen!

With the last couple of seasons being so good there has been some great regeneration of vegetation around some parts of the country.One place in particular is the Mallee country of SA, where some areas have been severely affected by bush fires over the years, has certainly bounced back.

Above average rain and favourable conditions has seen a dramatic change with the regeneration of plans in the area really improved the whole landscape.

While that is great, it certainly throws out the challenge when it comes to hunting this country now.

Thick areas of scrub make it near impossible to see only a few meters in front of you and walking in from a track, you don’t have to travel to far before you are swallowed up by the Mallee.

While allowing plenty of cover when stalking in on game, it also poses the challenge of find game before your right on top of them.

Adding to this is when you are hunting with others and the safety aspects that follow!

We need to be seen and to be safe so we use high visibility vests!

While this might not be for everyone, we have decided to use these when hunting this type of country in addition to using UHF radio’s that have been very useful over the years.

Normally when hunting wide open spaces it’s not to wear the vest but this country is totally different.

It worked very well, we knew where each other were instantly when moving through the scrub and also when onto the tail of a mob of goats and will be using the vests  from now on for sure!

The good seasons have seen the scrub improve!




Using the vest allowed the hunters to know where each other were when stalking in on goats!




11 thoughts on “Be Seen!”

  1. Nice one!
    To me visibilty of your companions is so important.
    I would hate to accidently wound or (even worse) someone while on a shoot.
    Being regularly involved in fox shoots here in SA during the early months of the year always gives rise to the thought of safety. There seems to be a train of thought that you need to wear blue jeans, dark / light brown shirts etc. so that you can sneak up on a fox during a walk.
    I decided to deliberately wear hi-vis & I ended up shooting 4 during one event. To move me it proved that foxes aren’t fussed about light colours.
    Does anyone know if there have been some studies done on foxes to show what colours they recognise?
    In fact, it’d be great to know a list of all ferals & what colours they are biased towards.

  2. I believe that most if not all animals only see in black and white which is why some hunters recommend using colored filters on your spot lights.

  3. “We need to be seen and to be safe so we use high visibility vests”

    well we tried this and our game must be able to see us and our success rates drops by 80 plus back in army colours now :):)

  4. Gunner, what sort of vest were you using?

    The worker type vests with the reflective stripping are no use.

    Also you need to wash your vest several times in a non brightner and petro free washing powder to remove the UV brightners from the fabric.

    I’ve stalked to within 10 meters of game with this vest on!

    Carl- your right,animals see in black and white shades!
    Animals see in a different UV spectrum, in other words blue to them is how we see orange/red if that makes sense!

    Birds can see in colour.

  5. Animals do see colors..Check out on the net what scientists have found out before going out saying “animals dont see color”.(Thats a yesteryear MYTH).
    Better still,try hunting with those stupid bright colored clothing items, then go hunting using all green,brown,kaki..Do the tests and i bet you wont go back to them silly colored clothes.

  6. They sure do.
    Apparently scientists have done and till doing studies and found and finding out animals do see colour.
    Some scientist are working on animal retina’s and they shoot some type of colour spectrum lazer beam into it and also use the animals brain to see what colour it translates to,(complicated to explain).
    What they are finding out is, animals see colour like red is to us but in pink shades,blue to us in purple shades,canary yellow to us as the same to them.Also most colours we see is what animals see.
    So yes,animals see colour.
    PS,apparentley most fish see colour as well.

  7. We got rid of our high visability vests/clothing and found to be hunting much more game.Just our findings.

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