Bag em up!


One of the rewarding parts of hunting is to take home some of the meat from your hunt.

Whatever it is, large or small, keeping it clean and cool are the most important things when caring for your game. Once you have taken your game I like to bleed it asap and then either take the cuts I want or if taking the whole carcass gut it and let it hang.

I like to let it set before putting it in a bag or at the least have it skun and as clean as possible. Even in a cloth bag, with air circulating around it, this will set the meat and keep the flies off.

One thing is to make sure your bag has no holes in it as I had a mate who had a heap of young goat legs in a so called meat cloth. Turns out it had a run in the material and you could hear the buzz of 100’s of blowies that had entered and blown the meat and all had to be thrown away.

I use meat bags all the time, I like to cool it as quickly as possible to ambient temperature and let it hang overnight, then in the morning it’s just a matter of putting in the esky.

I don’t like to put meat in a esky until it’s cooled down properly as this is a quick way to melt your ice and also I find the meat is better set by hanging overnight.

One other tip is to avoid putting meat into plastic bags as the meat will sweat and not breath, hence not allowing cooling down and setting properly.

A few old pillow cases or even a couple of sheets sewn in half are the go to keep your game clean and fly free when you head out next.


                A couple of Fallow that were hung overnight in cloth bags, clean and fly free!





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