A nice Fox!

My last trip out bush saw some spotlighting action take place.

Feral cats, a few rabbits and some foxes were all taken, but the one that was impressive was a very large fox.

I sighted him around 130 odd meters out, just a flash of the eyes.

Swinging the ute around I got him in the spotlight, loaded a round in the chamber of the .223 and sent the 50gn V-max on its way.

The familiar thud confirmed my hit, now to retrieve him.

This is easier said than done due to the knee high Onion weed around the place.

I started out and the search was on, in the end I found him after about 10 minutes.

Back at the ute and my son was impressed with the size and condition of him, it had certainly been a while since Id nailed one this size.

Checking him over the bullet had hit just under his chin and into the neck area, no large hole as the V-max do cause some extensive damage to pelts.

I decided to skin him, as it was a great coat, easier said than done as it had been many years since id done a fox.

It was also good for my son to see how it was done and he learned something new as well.

Once into it though it all come back to me and I had him all done.

Once cooled it was salted and rolled and put into a hessian bag, ready for the trip home and to be tanned.

A great memento from the nights outing and once tanned will look great!


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