Dave’s 270Win Ammo Tests!

I’ve always reckoned that the old adage,’ignorance is bliss’, just won’t cut it when it comes to owning and shooting a rifle without ever knowing its true potential. The old days of simply grabbing a box of ammo off the shelf and’ heading out West’ are long gone and pretty much every shooter has the knowledge to source the best ammo for his rifle and the range of ammo available is quite staggering. Continue reading

Obama’s Desire For Australia’s Gun Laws Will Not Solve the USA’s Problem.

hunting Official portrait of Barack Obama 220x300 Obamas Desire For Australias Gun Laws Will Not Solve the USAs Problem.Many Australian’s today are giving themselves a pat on the back for our gun laws on social media since US President Barrack Obama came out and stated that Australia has got our gun laws right as reported here in The Sydney Morning Herald:

Obama praises Australia’s gun control, brings country into US gun debate


The problem is that his view on the issue is far too simplified and does not take into account the finer points. Continue reading